Thursday, May 29, 2014

When Cultures Collide - Spring/Summer 2014

Had a blast at my most recent trunk show in May.  A lovely turnout of my favorite people and a chance to share my work ...which is always so much fun for me. I'm basically posting the photos to document the collection since most everything has sold. I was hoping to do a collaborative photo shoot with a local photographer but just couldn't make it happen before the sale. Once again, I'm thankful for my friends, and family who come out and support what I do.

And since no one purchased this tunic, I decided to keep it for myself. It's nice when I can "shop my closet."  :)


  1. Everything is gorgeous! I so wish I could've been there for your sale. Any chance of having a trunk show in the Bay Area at some point?

    1. Thanks so much for checking in, Lesa! A trunk show in the bay area would be great. I don't have any contacts there at this time but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. :)


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