Sunday, May 11, 2014

I dye!

It's always fun to try something new. Over the past couple weeks I've been playing around with Indigo Dye. The kit from Dharma Trading makes it pretty much a no-fail experience with just enough magic and pop to keep things fun and interesting.

The kit provides ideas on how to tie and fold your textiles but one never knows how the designs will unfold. The spontaneity and mystery add an element of the unknown that I really enjoy. I started with a silk dress that I purchased at the Burbank Vintage Textile show last month and a single silk scarf. I have to admit that I felt a bit nervous at first but that's usually a good sign! 

The colors can range from light to deep blues depending on the number of times you expose the garment and return it to the dye bath. The dress above went through once and the scarf twice.

The ties and folds create unusual lines and the wooden squares block the dye in unique ways. I dyed a couple tops, six silk scarves, six bamboo/cotton scarves and a dozen cotton table napkins. I've also received a commission for a long, rayon dress that my customer wants to wear to the races. 

Although I followed the directions carefully and wore heavy duty Playtex rubber gloves, I ended up with blue hands. After a couple days most of the dye washed away.  My nail beds remained blue so I just switched up my manicure to Essie's "mezmerized."

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