Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Coloring book coming soon!

Coloring is Fun ©2015    

This is a project I've been working on for a while and hope to have published within the next 30 days. Watch the blog for more information!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Goodbye stuff...hello space

Over the past weekend I had a large sale and got rid of a lot of stuff. I sold and donated things that were a part of the adventure of acquisition. This second phase of a downsizing -The Great Purge of 2015- took me deeper into the jungle of my accumulated awesomeness. I revisited flea market finds and thrift store joys and asked myself "Is it beautiful? Is it useful?" I set up a staging area in the upstairs guest room where I stacked, sorted and priced. I spent a couple weeks preparing for the sale that I said I would never do. And then I did it. And it's over.

These thoughts:

Minor embarrassment with how much I owned.

Happiness to pass things on to others.

Sometimes it's hard to let go.

A sense of space and lightness. 

The secret knowledge of empty cabinets.

Smiling inside because I reached a goal.

A cautionary tale?

Think longer and more critically about what I buy.

Experiences rather than possessions.

And most importantly...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Moving On! Sale

The time has come to clear out and make space for space! For the past couple years I've been on a downsizing path and this year I've taken it to the next level. A week from tomorrow- Friday, May 1st and Saturday, May 2nd, I'm having a sale of the over-collected yet loved parts and pieces of our lives.

You'll find a pair of antique side chairs with red leather seats; a sweet little telephone table; a funky floor lamp; vintage, designer and contemporary clothing and accessories; jewelry including Bakelite and Mexican silver; unique home decorative items; loads of art and sewing supplies including textiles, buttons, zippers, leather scrap; vintage ephemera; books; a set of five nesting show display columns; manly stuff including car jacks and such; and so much more.

Moving On! Sale
Friday, May 1 8am -2pm
Saturday, May 2 8-11 am
1603 West Olive Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373

Here are a few photos:

Friday, March 13, 2015

City Life

You may have noticed the lack of blog posts recently. We recently purchased a condo in downtown Los Angeles (AKA DTLA) and we have been BUSY. Carl is on a lightrail project for the LA Metro Transit District for the next eight years and his residential choices were a lengthy commute, hotel life, or purchase/rent a property. Since DTLA is in a huge growth surge right now, we opted to buy.

So for the last few months we've been "feathering the nest" as my friend, Christi, calls it. It's a very modern space so we've decided to follow suit and decorate in a more minimal style than our current home in Redlands.  820 square feet doesn't seem like a lot of space until you start buying furniture.

It's been a fun project working with Carl on the decor. This is really the first time he's shown an interest in this sort of thing so I was happy he was on board. And speaking of board, our first stop was Room&Board where we found our sofa, side chair and bed. I was really impressed with the professionalism of this company. They're more like designers than salespeople and very knowledgeable about their products. The other spots we shopped and made purchases were Crate and Barrel, Mathis Bros., Modani, Ikea and West Coast Modern. Our final furniture purchase was from an Etsy seller, Hearthside Home, who specializes in mid century modern design. Other than Ikea, where Carl said he never wants to set foot in again, all of the transactions were excellent. This is not to say that the Ikea shopping was bad, it's just that Carl hates crowds and was miserable the whole time we were there.

We're waiting on the final furniture delivery and in the meantime, we've set up the cable, wifi and music.You know, all that technology crap.

The empty space

Partially furnished

Daytime view (Carl's favorite)

Night time view (My favorite)

One of my favorite things about living downtown is that we walk everywhere. Just like we do when we travel to other big cities around the world. Once our cars are parked, they stay that way. We're probably a half mile from a great selection of restaurants and decent shopping (there's even a Target!) and mere blocks from the Metro station. 

I've done some walking around and exploring, venturing out about 1.5 miles to Grand Central Market in the historic core. It's a big warehouse type building full of food vendors and produce sellers.  There's a place called Eggslut that's really popular but the line was too long so I got some pork ramen and was very happy with my choice.

Grand Central Market near Broadway and 4th
Inside Grand Central Market    

Bentoya Japanese Cuisine

We're excited about our new place and look forward to many adventures in the years to come. I'll keep you posted as I make new discoveries.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Undecorating and Redecorating

Yesterday I took down Christmas. This is probably the longest I've kept it up in years.  I think part of the reason I delayed was because for the last couple of years we've really downsized the festive decor.  A small yarn wrapped tree vs. a large artificial tree.  Fewer ornaments, garlands and such.  Just the right amount of festivity for us and less intrusive to our usual style.  Maybe intrusive isn't the right word to describe a holiday but sometimes a lot of Christmas stuff irritates me.

What I love about taking down Christmas is the opportunity to redecorate. I always remove all of the accessories from the entry way, living room and dining room and start from scratch. I haven't bought anything new for the house in years. I like to scramble things up and move things around....look at the rooms in a new light for the new year.

Textiles on the hall tree

Moth themed entry way table (Metal sculpture by Kari Von Wening. Plate by John Derian)

The mantle is tough to design because of the oversized flat screen television mounted above. I found the painting at the Long Beach flea market. The onion vase was a lucky thrift store find. The decorated bronze box was designed by a good friend.

This vintage tool box is just the right size to squeeze under the television and fill with small objects. Placing items within boxes is one of my favorite ways to display my collections.

I created kind of a nature vignette on the mantle this time and decided to keep the lights.

I really pumped up the color in our dining room niche with vintage and contemporary textiles. I won the two pillows in an internet contest guessing the number of pillows in a Volkswagen.  Carl designed, made and installed the windows.

Dining room table with two Mata Ortiz vases and an antique Moroccan box. I've had the box since my time at Paige's Place in Riverside.  I love its primitive style and chipped paint. Apparently it's a box for carrying tea glasses.

There's a bit of a travel aesthetic as I decorate.  We found the vintage seltzer bottle in Buenos Aires.  I designed the tablerunner from vintage textiles. Carl and I are pictured at the High Line in New York City.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A project for the new year

We enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas and are heading toward the new year. In December, I tend to do a mental review of the past year and try to put together some kind of plan for the next. Not really resolutions or goals but more of a direction. In 2013 it was downsizing what I own. In 2014 it was thoughtful consumption.

I recently received a book from a friend titled "The Life of a Bowerbird" written by Sibella Court. Sibella resides in Australia and the title references a native bird that takes great care in building a nest decorated with stolen goods and found objects- sort of like our magpies.  Sibella relates to the habits of the bowerbird in her overwhelming love for the lost, the forgotten, the oddly beautiful.  The book includes photos of things she loves....haberdashery, writing instruments, scissors, printing blocks...all manner of old and inspirational objects.  She explains ways to organize and display your collections while her brother Chris Court's photographs provide beautiful and inspirational examples.

As I leafed through the book for the first time I noticed a remarkable resemblance in what we love.  Old typewriters.  Measuring instruments.  Feathers. An idea began to take form to create some sort of narrative of the things that make me happy.

I opened the case of my Olivetti Underwood typewriter, rolled in a sheet of yellowed onion skin paper and began a list of those things.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this idea. Perhaps drawings? A bound book of some sort? We'll see where this leads. Once again, it's exciting to be starting something new.

Best wishes to you for a healthy and fulfilling 2015 spent doing what you love.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

El Dia de Los Muertos 2014

Dia de Los Muertos, Oaxaca, Mexico

Maybe it's a past life thing but for many years I've looked forward to El Dia de Los Muertos like a child awaiting Christmas.  Although I'm not of hispanic descent,  I've embraced the culture and enjoy celebrating the lives of friends and family no longer with us. Around mid-October I climb into the attic and pull down the boxes of catrinas, calaveras, sugar skulls, textiles, family photographs- and so much more- that I've accumulated over the years.  These are the makings for my ofrenda, or altar, that I build for the Day of the Dead. A big part of my joy is revisiting this collection of objects. 

In addition to building the altar, I transform the house with my collection of handmade pillows, masks, and other objects relating to the holiday - many purchased on my trips to Mexico.

Felted skeletons I found on Etsy
Small collection of calacas, calaveras
This guy looks pretty happy
Every year I do things differently. Sometimes, weather permitting, I build the altar outdoors. We had an abrupt change in the weather this past week so this year I chose the living room.  

I begin by layering the textiles over tables, risers and boxes.  Then I add the photographs, candles, fresh fruit and flowers.  Many friends and family have added to the altar so I continue to include their offerings from past years.  This year we added a painting of our sweet dog, Scout, who we lost in January.

Layered textiles I've collected over the years

Our 2014 ofrenda

Our beloved Scout

Paige left us way too soon
  I have a few friends over to celebrate each year and this year I decided to make party favors from interesting images of calaveras. I decoupaged them to matchboxes and filled the boxes with M&Ms. It was my first foray into glitter and I think I'll be seeing glimmers of glitter for many years to come. It's everywhere.  Oh, and I forgot to hand out the party favors until half of the group had departed. :(

Party favors

Glitter everywhere for days
Another first this year was handmade tissue paper pom poms. I found a great tutorial here and after a total fail in my first attempt, I watched the complete video and the rest turned out well.

Easy to make paper pompoms
On the day of the party I decorated the tables. A friend suggested offering mask painting and although I had no idea whether people would participate, it ended up being a great success. Thanks for the idea, Linda, and all those great art supplies! I also put out paper flowers and butterflies for Frida-style headbands.

Sugar skull from Mexican Sugar Skull online store
Mask painting and floral headband art supplies
Everyone seemed to really get into the mask painting and a few made floral headpieces.
Lots of crafty activity
Mask painting fun

Find rhinestone and glittery stickers at the Dollar Store and Michaels

The outdoor contingent
Fabulous headband creation

Another beautiful Frida-inspired headband
Loved their creative energy

Carl and I