Monday, April 13, 2020

Making Masks

With the corona virus quarantine, we've all been ordered to stay home and stay healthy. I've had a whole lot of time on my hands. One can only reorganize closets and scroll through Pinterest for so long. The CDC advised everyone to wear masks when leaving the house, so I decided to start sewing some. I have quite a nice collection of fabric leftovers and scraps- enough to piece together fitted masks with elastic ear bands. 

I experimented with a few different mask patterns before landing on the one I've been using. Medical professionals prefer the style with ties but I found through informal surveys that when they're needed for short period of time, the elastic bands are preferred.

I put out a message on my IG stories asking if anyone needed masks...with preference to frontline workers and people with compromised immune systems. The first few days I received requests for over 40 masks and had them ready for pickup within three days. (On Instagram I'm @lorimarsha )

Then America ran out of elastic. Am continuing to cut out the fabric and waiting (im)patiently for my elastic to come in. Still taking requests if you're local to Redlands or are willing to pay postage to receive. Email me at lmsandsted(at) if you have questions. Stay safe out there.

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