Friday, May 30, 2014

A pressing issue

There are a few things around the house that I'll admit it takes time to get around to. I add them to the list. I carry them over to the next list. Eventually, they stare me down and I'm forced to get it done.  One of these tasks is ironing. I'm not quite sure why I put it off so long. More times than not, I enjoy ironing once I get started.

This morning, after way too many carryovers and a dozen shirts mocking me, I decided to get it done. But first, I created my ideal ironing environment. Why not make it the best possible experience? I moved the ironing board into my upstairs "closet." I call it a closet because it's where Carl and I keep our overflow from our teeny tiny bedroom closet. It was originally a bedroom, then my jewelry studio but it is now a closet.

I'm able to look into the backyard through large casement windows. And in the morning, there's a nice breeze blowing into the room.


I was also joined by our morning doves.  They've been hanging around our backyard for the last couple of years. They remind me of Carl and I.  It's apparent that they enjoy each others' company.

I brought in my iPod and turned on the music. Before I knew it, I was halfway through the shirts, singing along to Ray LaMontagne and Mary J. Blige.

And then this happened.


Carl has a shirt that I hate to iron. It's manufactured by Ex Officio and with all of its pockets and vents and velcro tabs, it's a pain in the ass. And I don't use that term lightly.  Even the dry cleaners refuses to take it. And you can be sure I've begged them. I've complained about it so much that it's a joke around here and it's usually the reason that I don't start ironing. That damn shirt is hanging there just waiting to irritate me.

So what did Carl do on one of his recent and rare shopping trips? He bought another one.

Was it the insect shield that made him do it? One never knows when one needs to be protected from insects.  When I brought it to his attention that it was the same brand as the most hated shirt in my world, he failed to impress me with his logic.  It was on sale.  This from the man who has been known to say "Quality doesn't go on sale."

But I digress. I believe I was talking about how I made the ironing experience such a pleasant one this morning.

The view. The breeze. The birds. The music.

Next up was a beautiful vintage blouse that I recently bought at Dave and Sabino's popup shop in Fullerton. They call it "new old stock" because even though it's from the 1960's, it's never been worn. This blouse was truly a joy to iron. I admire the vibrant design...the deep seam allowances...the original labels.

An aside: Yes, I wear a size 14 in vintage clothes. Which equals a 4 in contemporary fashion. Which is so silly that it made me laugh out loud. Pretty funny, huh? Another reason that I don't put sizes on my designs. It's all a vanity ploy to make people feel good (or alternately, bad) about their bodies.

And finally, the happy ending. It's so nice seeing all of the shirts lined up.

I cross ironing off the list. Until next time. And when that next time comes, I may accidentally on purpose scorch the hell out of those Ex Officio shirts.

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