Friday, April 1, 2011

Makeup is fun

I'm not a huge "product" person but when I find something I like, I like to share. Recently I've discovered and re-discovered a few makeup and personal grooming items that are blog worthy.  :)

With summer getting closer, I'm building up a little tan with no lines with Nivea lotion. This particular moisturizing lotion includes a gradual self-tanner.  Even though I love orange, I want my skin to glow, not radiate. It's reasonably priced- under $7- and is also an excellent skin moisturizer.

I've been hearing about Nars blush in Orgasm for a long time.  I had a small aversion to the name (not to the noun, itself) just because it seemed a little tacky. But the rave reviews won me over and I decided to give it a try.  It's a beautiful, mid-range pink with just a hint of copper.  I haven't seen my face immediately after that particular noun but I'm guessing it's a pretty close facsimile.

For evenings, I like a slightly smoky eye and it seems I've tried every eyeliner out there. I read about Laura Geller's Velvet kohl pencil and was ordered it from Sephora. I'm so happy with the results. It's just the right combination of soft and saturated. The pencil has a little foam blotter on one end to soften the lines. Score!

I found my newest favorite under-eye concealer while perusing the Target makeup section. I honed in on the new (to me!) Pixi line. I sampled the No. 1 Eye Bright kit and loved the soft glow. It has four sections- two for under eye highlighting, one for the eyelid and one for brightening the inner corners of your eyes.  I loved the texture...not cakey like some concealers.

And, finally, don't ask me why I ever cheated on my favorite mascara, but I am back to using and loving the classic "Great Lash" by Maybelline. Over the last few years I tried Dior, Lancome and Maybelline's Stiletto but for me, nothing compares to the old green and pink standby.

Have any favorite products that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about them. :)


  1. I read about Pixi's tinted moisturizer from another Facebook friend and am a convert. Will have to consider the concealer when my current stuff runs out!

  2. for me, great lash smears. my favorite mascara is aveda. the brush is great. i will have to try the laura geller eyeliner pencil! my favorite lipstick which i have been wearing for centuries, is body shop #22. it's the perfect red.

  3. Barbara- I think I need to check out some other products from that Pixi line!
    Deborah- thanks for sharing...I love when we're able to find the perfect shade of lipstick and it doesn't get discontinued!

  4. I have used Maybelline great lash for years (decades even). But about 3 months ago I got a sample of bare minerals mascara and I must say it makes my lashes look thicker and much longer. I never thought I would part with my pink and green tube, but it is now in the back of the drawer.

  5. Thanks, Lou! I love the Bare Minerals powder but have never used any of their other products. Good to know the mascara is worth a try. :)

  6. My daughter turned me on to Bobbi Brown: the Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow is dynamite and really does last all day without developing creases. The Gel Eyeliner goes on beautifully and wears very well too.

    And that's it with higher-end stuff-- Maybelline mascara all the way for me too.

  7. Ok! Thanks for the tip on the Bobbi Brown. I've used her concealer in the past but I'll have to check out the eyeshadow and eyeliner. You're turning me into a product person!!

  8. lori, do you think the bare minerals foundation powder is the best foundation for those of us over...50?

  9. I have several friends who use it and love it. I vary my routine between the powder and tinted foundation. :)


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