Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Design your own fabric!

Boy have things changed in the world of fabric design. Way back in 1999 when I wanted to put my designs on fabric, I had to work with a dye sublimation company back east and my only "fibre" choices were different weights of polyester.  Remember these?


 Now there's Spoonflower where you can upload your own designs and have them printed in an array of natural fabrics. I decided to upload the same designs that I had produced before to see the difference...and was pleasantly surprised.  The images in the samples fabrics are clear and crisp and the site offers many a wide variety of weights....from silk to upholstery.  And, just like the disclaimer in the commercial for the paycheck advance company that says "it's not cheap"... the pricing is higher than commercial fabrics.  But if you use the fabric as embellishment or for small projects, it's reasonable.

You can see my new and improved fabric designs here...but spend some time on the site and I promise your creativity will be renewed and inspired.

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