Sunday, October 17, 2010

And the universe responded

My to-do list mocked me yesterday morning. "You think you're so organized and efficient with this list of yours but why is it that one item never seems to get crossed off? You just carry it to the next list, renewing its hope."


All right all right. I get it. Maybe this weekend. This is what I said yesterday morning. In the afternoon I walked to the mailbox to find my new Real Simple magazine. A magazine that I love. A magazine that I read from cover to cover.  The same magazine that when I consider tearing out articles to archive, it transforms to a pile of torn pages. It's all good.

We drove into Santa Ana last night to attend an industry awards dinner, so I took the magazine. (I'm one of the lucky ones who can read in the car).  It's about a 50 minute drive- the perfect allotment of uninterrupted reading time. Thumbing through the pages...I found myself gearing up for Thanksgiving and all that entails...the decorating, the cooking, the planning, the cleaning. Oh right...the cleaning.  Then, what should I see but this article:

The article promises it will only take 15 minutes.  I carefully tore out the article and when we got home I placed it next to my list.  I think maybe today is the day. 15 minutes. We'll see.


  1. Best of luck! Cleaning is a hard thing to get around to, sometimes. ;]

  2. Isn't that the truth? It felt really good to cross it off the list. Finally.


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