Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A shade more interesting?

I was wandering through Anthropologie last week and became enamored with their embellished lampshades. I decided to make one myself. After all, for what they were asking, I could buy a dress instead. (Which I did.)  I gathered together a collection of textile remnants from my studio stash, borrowed Carl's Super 77 spray adhesive (sshhh don't tell) and just dove into the project.  My style is a jumbled mix of a little bit of everything so I enjoyed the mashup of plaid, florals, silks and knits with a few ribbons and trims. It was a really fun project and I finished the shade within a couple hours.  

I started with a bronze metallic papered shade with the thought that if it showed through it would be okay.  The adhesive is stinky and messy so I opted to do the project in Carl's workshop. I covered his pretty bench with newspaper and gathered my supplies. 

After selecting each piece, I turned it over and sprayed it with the adhesive. I let it set up for about 15 seconds then applied it to the shade. The adhesive remains repositionable for a little while, so don't worry if you need to move it once you've set it on the shade. I layered the textiles, trying to add as much texture and color as possible. I added trims to the top and bottom as a final touch. What I enjoyed about this project was entering it with a sense of abandon and knowing I could finish it rather quickly. That's my kind of DIY!


  1. I LOVE this project! I am going to make one for myself!!

  2. Dear, your results are just delightful. I thought I might try this technique with an old wooden chair. I am curious about the adhesive you mentioned. Is it something from the hardware store?

  3. This looks fantastic! Who needs Anthropologie? Well, me, but still... ;-)

  4. Thanks, Nancy! I thought I answered this before but must have forgotten to press enter!'s from the hardware store. Super heavy duty stuff.

    Pattie- Thanks, and yes, you're right. I do too!


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