Monday, October 18, 2010

Size matters

When I began writing my morning pages a few weeks ago, I realized how infrequently I write.  Most of my communication is typed or pecked out on my iPhone.  Sometimes when I first start writing in the morning, my hands aren't sure what to do. It's okay because morning pages aren't for re-reading or sharing. They fulfill their purpose in other ways.

Do  you ever think about handwriting? The infinite number of possibilities in those lines and loops provide a little peek into the interior of the writer...or if you have studied graphology, an educated analysis.  I've never studied the subject but I do remember reading a fascinating book many years ago that got me interested in the subject. I've noticed that some people's handwriting changes over time...beyond the obvious changes from childhood to adult.  I have a friend whose slant changes from note to note and apparently that's due to mood swings. Or maybe too much caffeine? I've also noticed that both my husband and father don't write in cursive- everything is printed, defying the opportunity for analysis.  According to at least one expert:  "It is estimated that over half of men in the United States prefer to print rather than write cursive."  Hmmmm. With so few people actually writing with a pencil or pen anymore, I have a feeling that handwriting will continue to degenerate until we're all scratching out printed letters in the abbreviated form of texts.  "OMG did u see those ppl?"

Did you learn cursive writing in elementary school? Do you remember how to form the letters? This morning I challenged myself to recreate the cursive chart that used to hang above the chalkboard in elementary school.  Everything was going pretty well until I got to the last letter of the alphabet and couldn't remember how to form a Z.  I had a feeling that it somehow dipped below the line but drew a blank. I refreshed my memory with a quick Google search.  Well, I think I'll stop talking about handwriting before you begin emitting a different kind of zzzzzzzzzzzzz. LOL (J/K)


  1. I think it is interesting that more men print than women. I journal & love to write but find that sometimes I get sloppy. My husband had a job interview years ago which required a handwriting analysis. That gave me pause to think about just how important everyone's personal signature was. Good food for thought!

  2. I had no idea that jobs might require a handwriting analysis. Hmmm. interesting. I've heard of credit checks but not this. I wonder why men print??


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