Wednesday, September 22, 2010 own Barbie

The original Barbie doll was released in March 1959 and so I immediately placed her on my Christmas list.  My parents meant well but instead of Barbie, I received the "generic teen doll" who looked nothing like Barbie but was able to fit into her clothes.  I eventually got over it.  Or at least I thought I did.

I was having lunch with a friend a few months ago and we started talking about things that we liked, wished we had.  I mentioned that I had seen a news story last year about Barbie's 50th birthday (she has aged well) and that I had always wanted one. I loved the original Barbie with the black and white striped swimsuit, wearing sunglasses and black heels.  Mattel was manufacturing reproductions of the original and I thought it would be fun to have one.

I didn't think anything more about it after our conversation. We met for lunch last week to get caught up and celebrate my August birthday. guessed it.  She bought me a Barbie... and included in the box was a vintage pattern from the 1960s for a whole wardrobe of Barbie outfits. I am so excited- I just may start sewing again!  Seriously.  She was worth waiting for. Thank you, Karen!


  1. Happy birthday & congrats on the belated Barbie!

    Now, if only you could also run across a not-too-shabby Barbie's Dream Home (to creatively redesign), in one of your vintage/goodwill trips.... ;-D

  2. I have a friend, well into her 50s, who regularly goes on an on about how her parents bought her "an 11 1/2 inch fashion doll" instead of Barbie. She swears it has warped her life. I need to find one of these and surprise her...

  3. It's funny what things we carry with us to adulthood. I think that a Barbie to your friend would be an amazing gift.


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