Friday, September 17, 2010

In your face September issues!

Their oversized September issues proclaim that Boho is dead; Safari is in; denim jackets are cool (again);  if your boots don't lace up, store them; and if your coat isn't camel, you'd better re-think winter.


Considering that I had to turn 108 pages to get to editorial in Elle,  I think we can agree that "what is cool" is designed and sold by whoever bought the full page ads closest to the front cover. Oh, and which front cover?  The one with a joyful Gabaray Sidibe?  Or the reverse with four super skinnies celebrating the magazine's 25th anniversary? This particular double cover annoyed me.

Sorry if I appear bitter.  I'm not.  But...come on. Harper Bazaar's "Buy, Keep, Store" continues to judge. Oh how cleverly they forget what they told us to buy last year.. begging the question "how much storage space does one need to designate for fashion?"

I don't often go to the mall but today I needed something from the Mac counter (hello sweet Aimee-Beth!) and was forced through Macy's to get there. Yes,  there they were- the fur collared vests;  the black two-pieced suits;  the small floral prints (ala Seinfeld's Elaine character); and the black leather Motocross jackets.  And, although here's nothing intrinsically wrong with any of these garments,  I kept wondering what if we had decided to wear them last year?  Would we have been considered fashion forward? Probably not. Will Elle give me credit for the camel coat I bought on sale at Anthropologie at the end of last season?  I doubt it.

So, I'm just here to encourage you to wear what makes you feel good....what defines your own personality.  Be rebellious.  Don't care too much about what's supposed to be in fashion. Wear your embroidered Mexican wedding dress with cowboy boots or your preppy pink and green striped polo shirt not because somebody with a byline at Vogue gave it four stars or a "revised" preppy handbook needs to sell copies.

I'm NOT saying it's okay to be stuck in the same old thing you've always done.  What's so fun about that? I hope we can continue to evolve as we figure out who we are. What I am saying is  (I almost typed "just saying" eew) explore what feels right for you and feel good about what you wear.  Let's be more like Mondo Guerra on Project Runway who, in response to Michael Kor's resort challenge said that "my resort time is me in my living room in my underwear and tee-shirt." Take that, Michael Kors!

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