Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love vintage!

But I rarely wear it.  I can almost always find something I like but most of the time it doesn't fit.  And even if it does, I usually talk myself out of buying it.  But I had a partner in crime yesterday as Christi and I headed into LA to attend the Helms Design District Vintage Show. The show was held at the Light Space studio in the old Helms Bakery Building in Culver City.   If you haven't been there lately, it's time to check it out!  The streets are lined with loads of cool design spaces and restaurants.  The show included about 15 vendors. there were oodles of fabulous vintage garments and accessories but not so many to be overwhelming. We meandered through the booths, oohing and aahing, making mental notes where we wanted to go back for second looks and possible try-ons.   Clever Vintage - my favorite vendor- had rolled in racks and racks of vintage dresses- their specialty.  Dave and Sabino graciously showed us their latest and greatest and we grabbed an armful and headed to the dressing room.  Not everyone is a fan of the communal dressing room (ala Loehmanns) but I think it's fun.  You can help each other pull things over your heads and assist with sometimes sticky zippers. You can give your honest opinion of each other's looks, and, if something doesn't work, it's up for grabs and someone else can try it on. (Works in theory, even though my partner in crime is a size 00 who looks great in everything and we would rarely be able to share.)  Anyways... this 1950s cotton print dress fit and Christi encouraged me to purchase it.  This morning I took it out of the bag to hang it in the closet and began to have second thoughts. (My usual MO after a sizable purchase.)  I added shoes and accessories, put on some lipstick and decided to get Carl's opinion.  He gave it a thumbs up.  When I asked him if it was $XXX worth of cute, he smiled and the thumb remained up. I'm keeping it!


  1. LOVE it with the fly-a-away piece under the belt!You are the chicest woman I know!

  2. 2 thumbs up from ny!!!
    you look fabulous!

  3. Thank you both! I can't wait to actually wear it somewhere. Maybe I should have a party!


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