Monday, July 26, 2010

Falling in love all over again

I turned my back on my Filofax when I bought my iPhone a few years ago. My trusty Filofax- who had kept me organized and efficient...who had always been there for me when I needed a phone number, directions to the flea market, or a photo of Ethan- got kicked to the curb.


How could it possibly compete with a slim, pretty telephone complete with a digital notepad, an unlimited contact directory, an appointment calendar with alerts? I placed it on the "out" side of my in/out basket and never looked back.

Until recently. Last week my friend, Ro, sent me a link to galadarling's blog post about falling in love her Filofax all over again. Well...what can I say? She brought back all the memories of why I loved my Filofax in the first place. And then I really started feeling guilty about how I had dumped her for something new and shiny.

So last night I reunited with her. As I opened her well worn red leather cover, I remembered the hours I spent filling in my address book in small fine print. I remembered getting excited when I found the small plastic zippered pockets to hold receipts, fortunes from cookies, and magazine clippings. And hat little 5" ruler that snapped into the six ring binder was always so helpful! The color choice for note paper that could be purchased ruled or solid...the search for the extra thin pen that fit perfectly in the leather loop at the clasp. And then losing that pen. So many memories.

To do today

No phone, regardless of the number of features and apps, can really replace the tactile experience of a well-worn Filofax. It doesn't require "service", it doesn't require you to press enter to save, its photos can be handed to a friend to touch and look on the reverse for the name and date. It holds your drivers license and credit cards, replacing the need for a wallet.

I'm excited to see what new accessories I can find to rev up my little red Filofax and put it back in use. Off to filofaxusa for more inspiration! Thanks, Ro, for reminding me that some things just can't be replaced.


  1. Cool post! I also have an iPhone and really love it, but for things like shopping lists, paper and pen always wins out. I'm going to look into a Filofax now, too!

  2. Yes! Check them out. They've been around forever...a British company. The one stationery store in town that used to carry the refills went out of business so I use the website now.

  3. Agreed! There's nothing like a to-do list created with pen and paper.

  4. You're absolutely right about that. (I'm making one right now!)


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