Sunday, February 15, 2009

I don't leave home without them

Travel mosaic

Well I'm talking about extended trips. :) Here are my nine favorite travel essentials.

1. Rick Steves guidebooks
Detailed maps, walking tours, restaurant reviews. We've never
been disappointed with his suggestions.
2. A great handbag
I like my Urban Oxide by Hobo International that I bought
at JD Myers several years ago. It's designed from a virtually
indestructible rubber and has several zippered interior and
exterior pockets.
3. Compact Journal
I use a small Moleskin to capture random thoughts and vital
information. I found mine at Barnes and Noble. I also pack a
small gluestick to adhere ephemera.
4. Travel wallet
I bought my Raika travel wallet in 1997 to organize itineraries,
tickets and my passport. An interior slot for your driver's
license is convenient when passing through airport security.
5. Trip Advisor
This is the best on-line travel forum we've found for hotel and
restaurant reviews. Local users worldwide provide critical
directions and up-to-date information.
6. Comfortable shoes
I love my Keens. Funky, colorful and washable. I wore them
every day in Italy. Every single day. I found mine at Zappos.
7. Colorful umbrella
This floral print changes your outlook on a gray, rainy day.
Mine is made by Totes and I got it at Target for about $10.
8. Chico bag
18"x14" bag in a 3"x4" bag that you can clip to your bag or
backpack. Another JD Myers purchase, also available online.
9. Zippered cosmetic bag
I've had two of my LeSportsac bags for over 15 years. Their
online store offers an incredible array of styles and fabric

I have no affiliations with any of these companies. I just believe in sharing information about things I love. If you'd like to share your own, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. hmmmm do you have traveling on your mind lovely lady?? Oh I do too. haha! let me know the where and when... *wink*

  2. Always! We're going to Maui in April...then are still planning on a road trip from SF to Vancouver later in the year. I hope we get to meet up then! I'll be sure to update you on the details. XO

  3. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader.


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