Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apron frenzy

apron frenzy

I tend to work within surges. I recently had an apron surge and pulled out a whole drawer full of potential apron parts and pieces that I'd been collecting and organizing over the past year. Skirts, salvaged vintage fabrics, Mexican embroidered appliques, crochet trim, ties and belts. The resulting collection is about eclectic as you might imagine...not dissimilar to the contents of ones recipe box. So I decided to name each one for the edible concoction that it brought to mind and tagged each with a mini-recipe card with its "ingredients." Fourteen aprons, each one-of-a-kind with its unique personality. Inspired by my flickr and real life friend, graygoosie, my goal is to get the apron out of the kitchen and out in the world where it belongs. Graygoosie hosts an "Apron Outfit" group on flickr where members post pictures of themselves in their aprons. So if you wonder where or how you'd wear an apron- check out her group for inspiration. They're like a scarf in terms of their flexibility and a fun way to change up a ho-hum outfit.


  1. i'll be your other tester.
    your new site looks colorful and vibrant. congrats!

  2. graygoosie here! This is a test :)

  3. Glad to see you here, graygoosie. Thanks for testing out my comment section. XO

  4. Totally enjoyed your aprons! I've been on a bit of an apron surge myself, and have had a great time picking out combinations of fabrics to match the personality of each recipient. Yours are much more creative and exciting! Thanks!


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