Thursday, October 13, 2005

Things I like right now

Apple green, sparkling mineral water, Gwen Stefani, orange lantana bushes, a brand new yellow highlighter, my new dental hygienist, Matl silver jewelry, Grape Nuts, Dia de los Muertos, New York Times travel section, Ethan's laugh, lamb and basil saute, Nanette Lepore, brown shoes, Jessica's calls, microfibre dust cloths, Holly's emails, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Daily Ohm, saying "it bodes well" or "it doesn't bode well", Native Foods with Kevin, hammered copper, Mac MV3 perfume, my turquoise and orange RY tee, Ode Magazine, Al Green singing "Let's Stay Together", watering the plants, Carl popping the wine cork loudly, Stell's coffee, White Sox uniforms.

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