Saturday, September 17, 2005

Lorimarsha Clothing Collection

I've been working over the past several months on a new collection of clothing. It feels like a natural transition to move into clothes. Staying true to my recycling mode, I am deconstructing and redesigning garments. The morphed tops, skirts and jackets bear little resemblance to their former selves. The vibe is edgy and feminine at the same time.... sexy sophistication. Each piece is constructed from several "ingredients" including vintage lingerie ("new-old stock") , luxurious fabric swatches, an interesting sleeve treatment here, a silk scarf there. The color palette includes shades of coral and grass green....and of course the new black- black. One particular jacket is an homage to my favorite designer- Christian Lacroix.

The collection will be complete by early-October after which time they'll be available exclusively at JD Myers in downtown Redlands. Visit her website to experience her extraordinary home and body collections. JD Myers.

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