Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Questions from Women in Clothes- Know Thyself

This year I discovered a book titled Women in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, Leanne Shapton and 639 others. Totally unlike any other book I've read related to fashion, it was researched and written by a group of women interested in the concept of personal style and what that means. They interviewed over 600 women from all over the world and all walks of life. The interview questions were thought provoking and the responses even more so.  I decided to use the book as an outline to better understand my own relationship to clothes and personal style. Please feel free to join me by answering the question in the comments sections. I'd love to hear from you!

Question:  If you had to throw out all of your clothes but one item what would it be?

My Jean Paul Gaultier skirt with flaming heart/feminine imagery. It was the first time a piece of clothing really spoke to me. Found out later that it was from the 1997 ready to wear collection featuring inspiration from Frida Kahlo.

Question:  Building up your wardrobe from nothing, what would you do differently?

I would start with a list because I love lists. 

Three pair jeans (black slim cut, boyfriend medium wash and dark wash skinnies.
Black ponte knit legging type pants
Black dress pants
Winter white pants
White linen pants
Two great white collared shirts
Solid v-neck cashmere sweaters a bit oversized- black, dark grey and one saturated color
Two colorful bulky knit sweaters
Black thin layering cardigan
Two black and two white tees- long sleeves and short sleeves
Chambray shirt
Suede or leather skirt in neutral warm color
Well fitting tuxedo style suit
Black cocktail dress
Fun floral dress
Denim jacket
Black leather jacket
Cashmere lounging outfit (for travel)
A few great scarves
Shoes, belts, handbags  and jewelry would be difficult to itemize

Question: Are you a good judge of whether what you buy will be worn? Have you figured out how to know in advance?

I'm not always a good judge. Something happens in dressing rooms that leads me to believe I like something more than I really do. I blame the deceptive lighting. I am, however, getting better at keeping labels on clothes until I wear them and do many more returns than I used to.

Question: What's your process getting dressed in the morning. What are you considering?

I usually stay in my pajamas or something comfortable until I've had coffee and a half hour or so on my laptop. So I think about my day- will I be leaving the house? Will I be going to yoga? Will I be working in my studio? If I have a morning yoga class I just slip into my yoga clothes. If I'm planning on even going to the grocery store, I plan an outfit that makes me feel good about myself. Every now and then I do that when I won't see anyone else but not often. 

Question: What are you trying to achieve when you dress?

Primarily I like to feel good about myself. If I can do that while dressing really comfortably, even better. That would require a few extra steps like thinking about layering and accessories. 

Question: What's the difference between dressing and dressing up? Dressing is my every day process. Dressing up is something I take time to think about and many times even try on various outfits to be sure I'll feel good about myself when I go out. When we went to the Kentucky Derby last year I had a blast planning my husband's and my ensembles. Now that is what I call "really" dressing up.

Question: What is you and not you?

Me: Natural fabrics; interesting design elements; limited use of color; lots of accessories; mix in some vintage; novelty prints; high/low; jeans; boots.

Not me:  Anything cheaply made; anything fitted; highly embellished- rhinestones, rivets, etc.; stilettos; a lot of bright color.

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