Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Waiting for the inspiration fairy to knock me on the head

I went downstairs to my studio this morning, hopeful for some kind of inspiration. I can't really say I've been stuck because I've been "busy" but not the kind of busy that puts me in the zone. Lately I've been longing for that kind of busy. The zone kind.

I've been thinking about creativity and all the ways I've pursued my own creative voice and am wondering what's next.

I began drawing a couple of years ago - a challenge to my inner critic
I feel like there's something new coming. I have no idea what it is. I thought it might become apparent, somehow.  Like something would just leap out in front of me. Some new kind of thought or vision.

But, no.

My last project was a collection of tablerunners and accent pillows
My sewing machine is just sitting there- used for fundamentals like hemming a pair of jeans. I did sew a few wheelchair/walker bags that I donated to my parents' assisted living community but it wasn't zone inducing work. Not even close.

My last clothing collection was Spring/Summer 2014

And then there was this outdoor assemblage that I did in the backyard
The assemblage. Well that was fun. An opportunity to play with the weird stuff I've collected over the years that I'm unable/unwilling to let go of.  That project satisfied something in me. But clearly, not enough.

And, when I go outdoors I'm confronted by my mosaic project. It's not like me to leave something unfinished.  But I learned that I have to love what I'm doing or just forget it. I'm talking about creative pursuits here, not all of the other things in life that have to get done. When this project began to feel like scrubbing the bathroom floor,  I stopped.

I learned that mosaic wasn't really my thing
I turned my drawings into a coloring book. This project came to an end and I haven't the energy to pursue the marketing angle. Where's the joy in that?  There was a day that I would find joy in that aspect of my creativity but it has slipped away.

I designed a coloring book. Felt more like a work project than a creative endeavor.

Handbags? I feel as though I've made thousands.

There has always been something that has peaked my interest.  This is a strange place to be.

The shrine and box phase...

Jewelry? Not feeling it.

 This in-between phase is uncomfortable for me....just waiting to get bonked on the head.

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