Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A project for the new year

We enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas and are heading toward the new year. In December, I tend to do a mental review of the past year and try to put together some kind of plan for the next. Not really resolutions or goals but more of a direction. In 2013 it was downsizing what I own. In 2014 it was thoughtful consumption.

I recently received a book from a friend titled "The Life of a Bowerbird" written by Sibella Court. Sibella resides in Australia and the title references a native bird that takes great care in building a nest decorated with stolen goods and found objects- sort of like our magpies.  Sibella relates to the habits of the bowerbird in her overwhelming love for the lost, the forgotten, the oddly beautiful.  The book includes photos of things she loves....haberdashery, writing instruments, scissors, printing blocks...all manner of old and inspirational objects.  She explains ways to organize and display your collections while her brother Chris Court's photographs provide beautiful and inspirational examples.

As I leafed through the book for the first time I noticed a remarkable resemblance in what we love.  Old typewriters.  Measuring instruments.  Feathers. An idea began to take form to create some sort of narrative of the things that make me happy.

I opened the case of my Olivetti Underwood typewriter, rolled in a sheet of yellowed onion skin paper and began a list of those things.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this idea. Perhaps drawings? A bound book of some sort? We'll see where this leads. Once again, it's exciting to be starting something new.

Best wishes to you for a healthy and fulfilling 2015 spent doing what you love.


  1. Lorimarsha, I love the way you share the creative thoughts and processes you go through, not just when being creative intentionally, but with your daily life. Since my life took me in a different direction in the last couple of years, my former outlets for creativity have not been as feasible. I appreciate the inspiration you give me for finding new ways to experience creativity in my everyday life.
    Happy New Year! Lisa Hutchins

    1. Hi Lisa- Life has its twists and turns and sometimes we're not sure which direction we'll be headed next. But you're right- we can find creativity in many aspects of our lives, regardless of the direction we're headed. Happy New Year to you!


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