Wednesday, January 29, 2014

See my latest jewelry designs at Vasa

My friend and yoga instructor, Lisa Vest, has opened a new store in downtown Redlands. It's called Vasa and is geared toward yoga and athletic wear but many of the garments are just great casual and stylish clothes that can be worn out of the studio.  Lots of cool brands including Onzie and K-Deer's madly colorful yoga pants. She has also stocked the store with mats, straps, water bottles, headbands..everything you need to inspire a more FUN practice. 

Lisa is also carrying a some Redlands local goods including Parliament Chocolate (yum) and beautifully scented, all natural Bennett candles. Imagine Citrus Sage for a moment...aaahh.  I've added a few pieces of my jewelry to the mix, as well. 

My newest line  incorporates carefully sourced natural gemstones and clean, organic lines.  The pieces combine the deep indigo blue of lapis lazuli, fiery orange-red Mediterranean coral, rich green African malachite, reddish-brown carnelian, iridescent labradorite and the varied hues of green and blue turquoise from the American Beauty and Kingman mines in Arizona.  All findings and clasps are sterling silver and 14K gold plate.

 Healing Characteristics of Gems and Minerals
Carnelian- promotes grounding and physical energy
Coral- calms and stabilizes
Labradorite- enhanced communication and synchronicity
Lapis Lazuli- increases intuition and clarity
Malachite- releases negative emotions
Turquoise- strengthens and aligns the body

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