Sunday, April 15, 2012

Buenos Aires

We spent a week in Buenos Aires earlier this month and thought I'd share some photos.  We loved the city.  The people were open and friendly and the city's variety of neighborhoods, public art and museums were easily accessible via the subway or good old fashioned walking.  The city loves its dogs- they're everywhere.  If only they would clean up after them, it would make walking a little less hazardous. We didn't let it get us down...but we did tend to keep our heads down a little more than usual. My favorite activity was Foto Ruta- a photographic tour of Buenos Aires. We met in a small cafe in the San Telmo district where we met the other participants.  Then we were given a set of 10 "clues" or prompts for photos. We went out and explored the neighborhood, took our photos, and met back with the group to share them. Loved it! The cuisine is centered around grilled meat and the local artisans follow up with fabulous designs in leather and horn.  Their philosophy is "todo vaca"- the whole cow.

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