Monday, February 20, 2012

What appears to be random

...sometimes isn't.  I spent yesterday morning at the Long Beach flea market with a friend.  While I am always hopeful for inspiration, I accept that sometimes the muse doesn't answer my call. But yesterday.... she was there.  I was on the lookout for textiles for both tablerunners and spring tunics.  I'm feeling geometric for Springtime so that's what my eyes were looking for.  And I needed some weightier fabric for the tablerunners' backsides.  I hadn't really established a color palette as I sometimes do before planning a seasonal collection.  I was kind of going with the flow, I guess.  I selected a few random silk scarves from several vendors and found a couple of pretty fabulous upholstery weight textiles- one an old world rendering of a world map...another a heavy rayon in matte earthtones and golden threads running through it.  But the highlight of the day was an oil painting that caught my eye.  It had a Matisse-like quality and the colors were deep and vibrant.  I immediately fell for it.  I decided to walk away for a few minutes and think it over.  And although I rarely make a sizeable investment in art without consulting you know who, I decided to buy it.

It wasn't until I got home and laid out all of my purchases that it hit me. The painting represented all of the seemingly random selections of the day.  It's moments like that that restore my belief in the power of intuition and remind me to let go and allow things to just happen.

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