Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been enjoying our change in seasons and last week switched out my closet- goodbye skinny white jeans, seersucker jacket, open-toed shoes, and all of the other summery garments that, here in Southern California, can be worn for nearly eight months.  Enough already!

I felt a little bit of a thrill as I opened the winter bins to greet my colorful stack of cardigans, redesigned wool skirts and was especially excited to line up my growing collection of boots. Oh how I love boots. Flip flops in the in the winter....and a set of neglected shoes that fall somewhere in between.  My latest acquisition is a pair of Cydwoq mid calf in two tones of leather and suede that I got on eBay for a song because the seller misspelled the brand name. Lucky me.

Me in my Cydwoq boots- a bargain at $25!

 And, finally, I'm in the mood to design some cooler weather garments! Here are a couple sweaters that I made before the Artistic License show a couple weeks ago.

 They both sold quickly so I am back in the studio preparing for my next show on  December 10th.  I am considering having an open studio in my home later this month. If you think you'd be interested in coming, email me, okay?

In other news...our backyard renovation is nearly complete.  As with my fashion and accessories designs, the idea of recycling permeates many of our choices.

Privacy panels from recycled burlap coffee bags

Door salvaged from Con-Ed Power Plant circa 1918

We turned the problematic stove into a potting bench
With these projects in place, we are left with only a few final details- the raised planter boxes for herbs and the sculpture acquisition. We've been eyeing a few pieces by Lyman Whitaker and have found a gallery in Palm Desert that represents his work.


  1. holy catfish! those boots are like retail 450$, right? WOW. i love boots too and it's funny, because i wear boots in the winter(and flats year round too) and flip flops all summer! much to the chagrin of my family who constantly wags their collective finger and says
    "NO SUPPORT!" luck you! they are to die for. xx

  2. I'm not sure what the boots retail for but I know it's a heck of a lot more than $35 (incl shipping)!


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