Monday, May 2, 2011

En la Cuerda Floja

I finished the dress inspired by  Eva Armisen.'s painting, "En la Cuerda Floja."   I can't remember enjoying a project this much in a long time!


  1. Kim and Cheryl- thanks so much for stopping in. I had a great time designing this dress.

  2. Your dress is so amazing. I enjoy your art, fashion and most of all your blog. You are an inspiration to me to step outside of the norm and thrive outside of the box.

  3. this dress is superb! wish i could see some closeups- would you ever consider creating a tutorial regarding any of your work? i'd love you see the process unfold! thanks so much for your inspiration! ~karlyn

  4. Thank you, Bohemian Brown Sugar. I love that we can all inspire each other. It's what keeps me going.
    karlyn- Glad you like the dress. Thank you! Let me think about tutorials... The way I work is very intuitive without planning or structure. It would be a challenge! :)


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