Friday, January 7, 2011

An Inspirational Getaway

Earlier this week I spent a couple days in Tucson...reuniting with my Aunt Dotti, her adorable daughter, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth's husband, Churchill.  My sister, Suzann, and I drove the 7+ hours - straight out the 10 freeway and arrived in time to check into the Congress Hotel and have dinner at the Cup Cafe.

We love old downtown Tucson and had big fun visiting the thrift stores and Borderlands Trading Company.  The second night we stayed with Aunt Dotti and reveled in her multiple collections of all things vintage.  I "shopped" her collection and came home with a wonderful selection of vintage textiles to light the fires of inspiration.

I also brought home a small collection of vintage canvas money bags to design into small shoulder bags. I made the first prototype this morning, lined in the red Oriental barkcloth pictured above.

In case you haven't figured it out from this post, I am LOVING being in the design mode again.  


  1. I've followed you from afar for years, and think you are fabulous! Next time you are in Tucson, think about seeking out my friend Marianne Bernsen You may in fact be soul sisters. Very similar energy, you two. I'm glad you are designing again, and I am looking forward to gardening again soon!

  2. I love desert landscape, so minimalist and tidy. I often dream of living in an eco home at the base of the Superstition Mountains...painting all the wildflowers in the Spring. Being from California originally, we used to go to AZ often to fish and do 'lake' stuff...I miss it. x

  3. Pagano DesignWorks- thanks so much. I will definitely check out Marianne Bernsen's work. Thanks for the tip!

    Gina- I love the desert, too. I lived in Tucson for one year in 1976 so it's always fun to go back and I'm happy I have relatives there. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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