Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thrift store score!

Last week I was at the Goodwill, excited to have just found a vintage A & W root beer mug, when I spied this coffee table. I set down my handbag and the mug and did a quick inspection of the hardware, the drawer and looked for scratches, knicks, etc. It appeared to be in almost pristine condition. It's hard to know the vintage...I'm guessing 60s or 70s. Beautiful solid wood and a removable marble top. When I saw the price, I was shocked- $14.99. Without a clear idea of what I'd do with it at home, I decided I couldn't leave it behind. So I walked up to the counter and asked if someone could help me move it to the front so I could pay for it. A nice gentleman carried it to my car after I paid for it and I somehow managed to get it into the house myself. Amazing what you can do when you're motivated. It looks nice next to the sofa....the scale is very similar. It wasn't until two days later that I realized I had left the A & W mug behind. Oh well. :)

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