Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gardening is different than sewing

What's so different? Outdoors, physical, dirt under fingernails, lots to learn.

It's so nice to be outside in the beautiful Southern California weather this week! I've ignored our gardens and yard for so long that there are lots of projects to get started on. I'm trying to focus on smallish areas so that I can get some immediate gratification! A couple of years ago we had to have a diseased eucalyptus tree removed from our back yard. I asked them to leave the stump...thinking at some point I could do something on top of it. So yesterday, I planted a metal chicken feeder and a few clay pots with dahlias. I added a rusted hose reel and watering can to the mix. Now I'm looking for something larger to create a higher profile against the back fence.

Goodbye eucalyptus

See... I told you it was big.

Happy Bench Monday!

Here's what I finished yesterday.

I planted the stump!

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