Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carl...about the guest room windows...

I have an idea...

Thanks to all of you for your kind notes and emails. I'm really excited about this transition but I'm not disappearing! I'll be around should you want to come and hang out...have a cup of coffee...a glass of wine...or play in the studio. I'm lining up some new projects but with a different twist- home and garden! I've been thinking about making some curtains for the guest room from vintage souvenir scarves... the ones with the beautiful graphics and travel imagery. I've accumulated a nice collection and think they'd make a fun addition to the room. My little garden on the east side of the house is thriving and the flowers are in full bloom. Can't tell you how happy that makes me!

So...check back in when you have a minute. I'll be posting photos of my projects and it'll be a way for us to stay in touch!

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