Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall/Winter 2009 Inspiration


This is coming very late in the season. I have tried numerous times over the past couple of months to get going on Fall but always found excuses to procrastinate. Here are a few:

"I don't like what I'm seeing in my big fat fashion magazines."

"It's too hot to think about Fall."

"I don't want summer to end because I'm having way too much fun designing alternative wedding dresses."

I used the last one the most.

But two things happened. First, we bought a new piece of art by Charles Dwyer called "First Performance- 1936." It's a work on paper of a Russian ballerina- Alexandra Danilova. The artist painted a beautiful image of her on stage and also sewed swatches of the costume design, curtains and theatre seats in a sort of story-board form.
Charles Dwyer art

It inspired me greatly.

Also, today is September 1st and in my mind, I sense a change in the season. So, I pulled out my magazines (again) and began to look with new eyes. All of a sudden I saw things I had completely missed before. I was immediately drawn to aubergine, ochre, turquoise, Chinese red and sapphire blue....and textures on top of more textures and mixed patterns and volume. I continued to ignore the geometrics and out-of-scale shoulder pads and black leather leggings but found myself so much more drawn in than the last time I looked.

Below you can see my complete inspiration board for the coming season including some cuttings of fabric and trims. Tomorrow I set about pulling out all of my textiles and trims to concoct my first garment.

inspiration board

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