Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heart-pounding color to cheer the June gloom

They make my heart pound......

I just downloaded "Jai Ho" the pulsating track from Slumdog Millionaires having seen a group of young dancers perform to the song outside LACMA a couple of weeks ago. I loved the performance- especially the costumes- vibrant with color and metallic reflections. So even though we're in the midst of spring and quickly approaching summer, I am drawn to the beautiful colors of India today. Here are a few favorites to share with you.

1940s Remix wedges

Enamel pendant by bullfinchbarbury

Clutch handbag by esonefone

Beret by dadaya



  1. love the colors Lori, thanx 4 sharing! btw come visit

  2. Great links. I especially love the enamelware jewelry.



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