Friday, March 7, 2008

Senior Moments

An email from flickr friend, becktress, got me feeling a little nostalgic recently. She knew someone who went to the same high school that I did and we were trying to figure out if we knew anyone in common. That got me to thinking about the fact that over the years I had lost all of my yearbooks. Moving away from home, renting storage units...who knows where they ended up? I have no idea. But it felt like there was this little hole in my personal history.

So I decided to go to ebay and see if I could replace them, or at least one. And would you believe that one was available from the Goodwill store in Tacoma, Washington? It was from my senior year and had belonged to someone who I had shared what we called "homeroom" with as a senior. We had the same last name..and in those days, for this one class, we were seated alphabetically. So...there it was on the internet and available for purchase. Of course I bid on it. I was the high (and only) bidder and it came in today's mail, in pristine condition.

Only one person signed it. (That part is kind of sad.) As I looked through the pages, I was taken back to that year, to that time in my life that was not entirely pleasant. But not awful, either. Just not my "glory days" as some feel about their high school years. Then my thoughts moved to the prior owner. What had become of her? How did this yearbook end up at the Goodwill? did they know her last name? She was addressed only by her first name in the signed comment.

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