Thursday, February 1, 2007

January 31 was a very good day

I curated a treasury on Etsy that was chosen for the front page of the website. If you're not Etsy savvy that probably sounds like a mouthful of mishmash. But if you *do* frequent the Etsy website, you will know that's a very good thing.

I opened a storefront on Etsy- the preeminent website for all things handmade- and they have an area where users can go in and create a collection of 12 items for public viewing. The collection stays up for only 24 hours and then disappears into the nether. At any given time there are 101 of these treasuries available. Every day, the owners/administrators of Etsy choose a treasury collection to feature on their front page. Well today it was mine. And it was like I was nominated for an Oscar or something the way I carried on when I saw my collection on the home page.'s the little things in life that make us happy, right? was JD Myer's blowout once a year sale. Up to 70% off on all kinds of wonderful garments. She has a fabulous store in Redlands and a new one in Riverside. She carries Crea, Cache, Ohm, Krista Larsen, Skif, Babette...lots of very talented designers. So I got myself over there and entered the feeding frenzy a little after 4pm. (4-7 time slot for "special" customers before the day it opens to the public.) I scored $520 worth of goodies for $169 including a $250 Ohm skirt for $74. Also a cropped pant and tunic in pumpkin and a luscious chartreuse jersey layering tank. Happy dance.

Also listed I Wanna Be a Bad Girl" on Etsy and worked on two custom jewelry orders for special buyers who had specific requests. One was a Linkage necklace for an Etsy buyer and necklace and earrings for my uber stylish Jazzercising friend, Anita.

Happy. Productive. Tired. Time for bed.

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