Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Charge me Full Price, Please

Carl and I were in Palm Desert over the weekend and decided to go to the movies. We had seen the previews for "Conversations with Other Women" and thought it looked good. The next showing was at 10:40 so we decided to buy our tickets and go have a cup of coffee before the show. When the cashier asked for $12.00 and gave Carl his change from the $20 I mentioned that movies were cheaper than in Redlands. Didn't think anything more about it until we were sitting outside the Starbucks and Carl handed me my ticket. "I guess that explains why they were cheaper," he said. I looked at the ticket. Senior $6.00 admission.

Carl laughed and said he was happy for the lower price. I wanted to know at what age the "discount" was given so I'd know just how badly to feel. And I thought I looked so good in my new Joe's jeans. I never thought I'd be unhappy to save money. But there it was. An unwanted discount.

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