Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Out of the Closet

Is there anything in your closet that has stood the test of time? My closet is in a constant state of flux since I go through it every few months and relegate stuff to the Goodwill or to the "other closet" in the guest room where a few months later it may, too, be relegated to the Goodwill. Occasionally, however, things find their way back into the "good" closet and I ask myself how I could have possibly considered getting rid of them. Too much time on my hands? I think not. I love my closet. I just really enjoy the process of sifting thru, organizing, sizing up, etc. It is a perpetual cleansing and helps me work thru the process of letting go and opening up space for more!

Which brings me to the question of what in your closet really stands the test of time? I asked myself this question this morning and was surprised at the answer..... not too much. If I haven't worn something in the past 12-18 months...it is out the door. So here's a list of what has remained in my closet for more than 18 months:

Nicole Miller black, sleeveless cocktail dress-- no ornamentation, buttons, zippers--just a simple A-line design in luscious black wool crepe. Purchased in the mid 90's. Last wearing: 12/22/04.

Levis 501 buttonfly jeans-- soft and comfortable from multiple washings but still a dark enough blue to not look faded and there are no holes, rips or signs of distress. Got too used to the low rise cuts and these sit high on the waist. But can't let them go. Purchased in 1984. Haven't seen the light of day since about August '04.

Vintage circle skirt-- 1950's full circle cotton skirt with graphics of lavender giraffes on a black background. Holding on to it because even though the vintage circle skirt thing got a little too trendy, it's still a great piece. Purchased in 2000. Last wearing Summer '05.

Gap white shirt-- 100% cotton like a man's dress shirt but slightly fitted, starched and ready to be worn. Purchased 2003. Last worn 3/25/06.

J. Crew denim jacket-- slightly fuller cut and darker, dirtier wash. Went thru a period where I almost didn't like it but now glad I hung on to it. Purchased Summer 03. Last wearing 10/05.

Beaded vintage cashmere sweater-- one of many I acquired while binging in this category a several years ago. This one is too beautiful to let go of even though I may never wear it again. Delicate shade of pinky peach with the letter "L" embellished with peachy pink pearls. So yummy and pretty. Purchased 2002. Last wearing Easter Sunday 2004.

So what does your closet say about you? Is mine a reflection of my quixotic relationship to fashion or shall I interpret something more deeply disturbing about my inability to hold onto material posessions? The answer to that question changes depending on my mood. Today I'll just say that fashion is simply one way that I define myself and it seems that my definition changes frequently.

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