Wednesday, November 23, 2005

On giving thanks for........

Carl- the complete package.... intellectual curiosity combined with down to earth substance. A man both pragmatic in the realities of living and non-judgmental when it comes to other people's choices.

Jessica and Kevin- each finding their way in life while putting their own spin on established maps and signposts. I'm thankful for the choices that they've made to learn what's important for them.

Scout- a true companion. Happy to just show up next to me in each room of the house, circle a couple of times to find her special spot, and settle in for yet another nap. An occasional butt rub or walk around the block or game of long knotted sock tug is all she asks for in return.

Women friends- we talk about stuff that we care about and it doesn't matter whether it's reality tv or how we lost our virginity or the war in Iraq or our relationships with our kids....the important thing is that we talk.

Freedom to create- every day I acknowledge how lucky I am to behave in creative experiment with new processes and jump into new areas of expression.

Health- gratitude to this loyal body of mine that has sustained me through fits of good and questionable behavior. Nutritional and otherwise.

Home sweet home- the place I'd rather be than anywhere else in the world.

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