Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Short Hair

I realized today that all of my friends have short hair. *See note at bottom. I'm not even sure why I was thinking about this but I was. The thought just came into my head- all of my friends have short hair. Mine is very short so a few of them have longer hair than me. It may be cut in layers but, overall, the style would be considered short. So picture Ellen Degeneres or Meg Ryan or Angela Bassett or Halle Berry before extensions.

So anyway, I started thinking about all of the people that I hang out with and couldn't think of one with long hair. And I don't really understand why. I'm friends with a with a pretty diverse group of women- aged 18 to 80, various backgrounds and personalities. I like long haired women. I admire them, actually. I've never had long hair.

Then out of the blue I started thinking "what if there is someone I haven't thought of who has long hair who, if remembered, will disprove my theory?" And then I asked myself "what theory?" I really didn't have one... it was just more of an observation.

All of that went through my head in about 20 seconds. And for some reason I started thinking about it again earlier this evening. I wondered if there were statistics out there about women with short hair. Isn't that what the internet was invented for? After a quick Google ("statistics short haired women") , I found this article that talks about why women cut their hair and how it gets easier as they age. Also lays out some stereotypes that you may or may not agree with):
short hair info
There was another article claiming that it is an urban legend that short haired women are targeted less frequently by rapists. Is that good news or bad news? Now I'm getting confused.

*Note: July 20, 2005- I have since realized that I have at least two friends whose hair could not be considered short. But I swear they've grown it out in the last two months.

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