Monday, July 28, 2014

Repairing to the studio

I discovered a hole in one of my favorite summer tunics the other day.  It was a big hole and in the perfect spot for a pocket. So I decided to make a pocket from a vintage hankie.

I pulled a few of my vintage hankies out and although my favorite is pictured at the top of the stack, I decided to stick with all white. I thought about how I wanted to fold it and tried a couple different variations before coming up with what I liked. Then I ironed it and pinned it to the tunic.

Then this happened.

Yes, the sewing machine needle went right under my nail bed. A minor setback and I was happy that I didn't get blood on my project.  Whew.

After sewing on the applique, I visited my button box to find just the right button. Guess which one I chose?

None of these seemed right. But way down at the bottom I found a flower shaped mother of pearl that was just the right size.

Done! It took about 20 minutes, not including the trip to the bathroom for a bandaid.  And now it's fully wearable again and that makes me happy.


  1. Lori ~ I have seen you modeling your fun fashion remixes on Pinterest & thought Love Her!! Now I know you're a real person with a fun & sassy style that makes me smile!! Thank you!! ❤️